Effective Communication and Requirements Elicitation

This training course will reveal typical real world scenarios that happen on the job. When you know exactly how to bypass miscommunications, you save yourself time, earn more respect, solve more problems with concrete solutions, and impress all stakeholders involved.

Communicate with Ease

What You'll Learn

Our mission is that by the end of this course, you will:

  • Communicate in a way that makes your job easier and bypasses mistakes.
  • Ask the right questions, so that you’re never at a loss when it comes to defining requirements.
  • Use specific elicitation techniques so that your stakeholders can more easily supply information that helps you quickly discover requirements.
  • Dig deeper for the kind of solutions that will make stakeholders more-than-happy.
  • Take control and stay in control of your requirement sessions with excellent facilitation techniques. 




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What to Expect

A combination of recorded self-study online modules and live webinar training with an instructor. Training kicks off with access to the first set of recorded modules and the first live webinar training will follow one week later.

Communication and Elicitation Expertise

Gain Confidence

Gain the confidence to communicate effectively to all audiences - stakeholders, business partners, technical teams, and executives.


Understand how to apply your course knowledge to real life situations with your project teams and business stakeholders.


Be heard and understood. Even more importantly, amplify your listening and analysis skills to ensure you are hearing and understanding others.

During This Course You Will...

Receive Encouragement

We are comitted to helping you take your communication skills to the next level and increase your overall performance.

Get Comfortable

Get comfortable with requirements elicitation, be at ease and confident in any environemnt and know you are truly understanding and eliciting the right requirements.

Hone Your Skills

How to hone and use your current business analysis skills to improve communication, elicit information you would have previously missed, and define better requirements to help the team create a more complete solution that makes a stakeholder say "yes, that is what I wanted and does meet my needs".

Success is Yours

We'll show you how to unlock and build upon your current skill set to perform requirements elicitation in a consistent and effective way.

Overcome Fear

Learn how to overcome the fear of saying the wrong thing, asking dumb questions, not asking enough questions, or not knowing when you have enough information.

Recorded & Live Webinar Training with Education Credits

Technology helps us achieve our goals no matter where we are located.

This course offers a combination of recorded training modules and live instructor-led classes via webinar. 

No need to fight traffic, rush to a classroom, miss dinner with your family. Take the course from the comfort of your home. If you have internet access, you have class access!

On top of the convenience, you'll rest easy knowing you have invested in training with an IIBA endorsed education provider.

This IIBA endorsed course comes with 16 CDUs/PDUs that can be used with the IIBA and PMI* 

Your instructor has years of hands-on BA experience and will shed the light on how to communicate in the most effective ways with proven results.

We're going to share secrets, pitfalls, and successes with you so that you can take that information and apply it to your own situation. Make this your year to break out and shine as a business analyst with expert communication skills.

 *You should always verify education requirements with the organization you are certified with/seeking certification from.

Become an Effective Communicator and Requirements Elicitation Master

Class starts with access to the first recorded modules. The first live class will be one week later. Can't make a live class? We've got you covered. All live classes will be recorded and available immediately following the live class.